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Charly Schell is a founding partner of Forge Consulting LLC, a national settlement planning practice headquartered in Georgia. His vision for Forge was to build a firm that integrates tax planning and predictable income, providing real returns for clients. Charly set aside outdated ideas like beating arbitrary ‘market benchmarks’ and touting gross returns as historical performance by posing the question: How can advisors help you invest when they admit they do not know what the market will do?


Knowing the answer, Charly took action and spearheaded the founding of Advocacy Wealth Management (AWM). His initiatives, combined with the development of specific relationships and solutions geared towards predictability, have resulted in a collection of people and investment methods designed to provide predictable cash flows. He has worked over the last seven years to recruit and train the very specialized team at AWM.


Most recently Charly managed the development of Advocacy Trust Solutions (ATS), the division of AWM responsible for trust planning/design and administering trust solutions. ATS's directed trustee approach is based on the premise that two fiduciaries are better than one. Whether dealing with individuals or corporations as trustees, this philosophy increases regulatory and fiduciary oversight, increases services and benefits, and reduces overall cost.


Charly’s efforts produced another team of experienced experts at Advocacy Trust, an affiliated company through common ownership and vision. Along with Forge Consulting, these companies have a unique focus on planning for clients who have had their lives disrupted by a catastrophic physical or business event.


A former Army Major and Apache helicopter pilot, Charly lives in his hometown of Hartwell, Georgia, along with his wife, Kelli; daughter, Savannah; and son, Carter.

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Forge Consulting is a national insurance agency. We analyze but do not provide investment, legal or tax advice. Advocacy Wealth, a Registered Investment Adviser, offers financial planning. Advocacy Trust offers fiduciary services. Forge is the parent company of both Advocacy subsidiaries.

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